Playboy: The Mansion

A masculine figure in a robe and slippers stands in front of two scantily clad feminine figures in a bedroom. Options include, 'romantic talk, compliment, command, casual talk, and business talk'.
  • Developer: Cyberlore Studios
  • Publisher: ARUSH Entertainment Groove Games Ubisoft
  • Year: 2005
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Platform/s: PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox

Playboy: The Mansion has an option to organise parties, including 'gay parties', which was introduced to allow more options for the player. There are also interactions between women in the game that require the player to 'romantically introduce' NPCs to one another so that they kiss one another, which can fulfill objectives within the game. It is not possible to convince men to kiss one another, however, making this evidently a matter of objectifying women and lesbianism for player and player-character consumption.