Replicant or Lesbian

Gamebook text, which reads, 'The Premise. On a poisoned world, life fades out. Human civilization wrestles ineffectually with a fertility crisis that has already destroyed most other species. Artifical animals may distract from these environmental impacts when crime, famine, and war do not. But when the crisis can no longer be ignored, patriarchal regimes turn violently authoritarian in order to maintain control of their society's genetic contintuity. Women's rights are curtailed and ideologues cast lebsians as their principle scapegoat for daring to keep the means of reproduction out of the hands of men. As the wealthiest elites flee to the off-world colonies, artificial humans become more and more common. Used primarily in... Image cuts off here. Next column reads: Playing the game. Game play alternates between action phases and reaction phases. In the action phase, we see the protagonists conducting dangerous operations in order to gain advantage. In the reaction phase, protagonists undertake downtime actions and we see the world react to the events of the action phase. The Action Phase: First, the GM describes a flashpoint situation that threatens to shake up the status quo and overturn factions. In later phases, the protagonists may trigger their own flashpoints. Second, each player decides on an operation their protagonist... Image cuts off here. Third column reads, 'Action rolls. Roll 1-3, Result failure and consequences. Roll 4 plus, Result success and consequences. For each 6, choose 1. Plus or minus one relevant clock segment, avoid a consequence, increase your effect, pass an adventure to an ally.
  • Developer: Johnstone Metzger
  • Publisher: Johnstone Metzger
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: RPG Tabletop
  • Platform/s: Physical game

Replicant or Lesbian is set in a world where being a lesbian is illegal and/or vilified. Additionally, the setting features replicants (artificial humans) who are banned from Earth, and can be used as a vehicle for morality discussions around societal norms.