Street Fighter series

A femme looking person wearing a short top and shorts brandishing a spatula and painting a stripe in front of her.
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Year: 1987 – 2016
  • Genre: Fighter
  • Platform/s: Various

Several potentially queer characters feature in the Street Fighter series. In the original Street Fighter, Eagle was designed as a tribute to Freddie Mercury, which, when coupled with his mannerisms, leads to him being read as gay. However, this is not canonically confirmed.

In Street Fighter II, Zangief is also interpretted as a gay character by a number of sources, including some which state that Capcom officially confirmed his sexuality; however, these confirmations are unreferenced.

Street Fighter IV features Poison, who was originally from Final Fight and whose gender is debated. This title also features Abel, who was originally designed to be an effeminate man (although the character design moved away from this vision during the design process). There are hints that Abel is interested in dating men. Street Fighter IV also features Juri Han, who some read as a lesbian because of her flirtation with women; however, she also flirts with men, making her potentially plurisexual (or just flirtatious). Her sexuality has not been canonically confirmed.