Supreme League of Patriots

A gender ambiguous person with makeup and tattoos and a beard standing in a park. Two others stand near a water fountain and another stands under a tree. Buildings in the distance. Dialogue reads 'Flamboyant superhero. Whatever you say honey, your secret's safe with me.'.
  • Developer: No Bull Intentions
  • Publisher: Phoenix Online Publishing
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Adventure Point-and-click
  • Platform/s: PC

There are several queer themes in Supreme League of Patriots. Kyle wants to become a superhero, but when he does, it's discovered that he has a split personality whenever he wears his 'Purple Patriot' outfit; when dressed in the outfit, he goes from being liberal to conservative, and dialogue suggests that this conservative nature may be repressing his homosexuality (although non-superhero Kyle is a straight man) (see below image).

Kyle's best friend, Melvin, defends queer rights (as well as other minority rights) in conversations with the Purple Patriot.

There's another superhero called 'Flamboyant Superhero', and he is explicitly gay, though presents in a very stereotypical way. He is interested in leather and BDSM, and speaks suggestively about sex. He also sometimes wears a skirt.

The game does include some offensive themes, despite Melvin defending the rights of minorities in many of these exchanges.