The Deed

Room with checked floor and crates overlayed with dialogue. Portrait of a femme character beside words, 'Oh... hello, Mister Arran. Is there something I can do for you?' Text options are, 'What time will dinner be ready?' 'I want to ask something about your time here' and 'I'm sure you can do lots of things for me, lovely'.
  • Developer: Pilgrim Adventures GrabTheGames
  • Publisher: GrabTheGames WhisperGames
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform/s: PC

The Deed is about attempting to murder the player-character's sister. In poetry written by the sister, you discover that she has romantic feelings for the female maid of the house. This sister is depicted as mentally unstable, so it is not necessarily a positive depiction of queerness.