The Longest Journey series

A femme looking person standing in a jungle on a cliff face.
  • Developer: Funcom Red Thread Games Blink Studios
  • Publisher: Empire Interactive Tri Synergy Aspyr Red Thread Games
  • Year: 1999 – 2014
  • Genre: Adventure Point-and-click
  • Platform/s: PC, iOS

The Longest Journey series consists of The Longest Journey, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and Dreamfall Chapters.

The Longest Journey features a same-gender relationship between the side characters Fiona and Mickey. The game explicitly highlights their romantic relationship in the game, and they have run the Border House where protagonist April lives for approximately fifteen years. There are options throughout the game for the player to hear more about their relationship.

This game also features a policeman who April attempts to flee from by flirting with him; he responds to these approaches by apologising and saying that he is gay.

There are multiple positive representations of sexuality within Dreamfall Chapters who do not reveal their sexualities to you until part way through the gameplay. As such, this entry contains spoilers.

Kian is one of the playable characters who is revealed to be gay. His motivations are clearly defined early in the game and established before his sexuality becomes apparent, making him a fully-formed character who is worth more to the narrative than the sexuality he identifies with. When he does come out, there is no ambiguity or room for interpretation.

Another gay character, Lihko, is also positively represented in the game.

Both Kian and Lihko keep their sexualities to themselves for legitmate reasons throughout the game and their coming out is not designed to be for 'shock value'.

Hanna Roth, an NPC of significance in the game, is openly queer. In a recent design, she wears a t-shirt for a lesbian bar and a rainbow triangle patch on her vest. Hanna's on-and-off girlfriend Abby is also present, and the pair share an on-screen kiss regardless of player choices.

The city, Propast, has two queer bars: Pub-lick for women and The White Swallow for men. Marcuria has The Salty Seaman, which is also for men.