The Wolf's Shepherd

Text reads 'She was immediately charmed by the excitable yet shy young woman who was trying to assert herself without letting her round cheeks get too red, or without looking away from Zakia's gaze to stare at her finger twirling her naturally dense and wavy brown hair. Even the animal ears on top of her head and her bushy tail was fidgeting every time Zakia smiled at her, which was most of the time. Werewolves were known for being deeply social creatures and eager parents, but Sue was clearly inexperimented  and simply adorable. The idea of easing her into intimate social matters sounded absolutely wonderful to Zakia. They saw each other again, and as their relationship grew they became great..'. Choices read 'cuddling partners' and 'cuddling and sexual partners'.
  • Developer: Suryce
  • Publisher: Suryce
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

The Wolf's Shepherd is about 'queerplatonic' partners. If the player-character, Zakia, chooses to spend an evening with the vampire Chris, she can explore non-sexual ways of expressing intimacy, and if she selects the werewolf Suzanne, they can have a more physically intimate encounter.