Ultima series

Four figures stand in front of a castle. At the top of the image is a close-up of a feminine person's face, with the caption 'Unexpectedly, Nastassia pulls your head down to hers and kisses you on the mouth'
  • Developer: Origin Systems Blue Sky Productions Looking Glass Studios Electronic Arts BioWare Mythic
  • Publisher: Origin Systems Electronic Arts
  • Year: 1981 – 2013
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform/s: Various

The Ultima series features several queer characters and themes, though representation in not necessarily positive. For instance, in Ultima VI, a troupe of 'bad' gypsies [sic] can be paid to have sexual encounters with the player-character, regardless of gender. Similarly, in Ultima VII: Black Gate, the player-character can be request the services of sex workers in a bath house in Buccaneer's Den, regardless of gender. The Lazarus remake of Ultima V added a potential gay encounter in the Buccaneer's Den.

In Ultima VII Part II: Serpent Isle, the character Fridigazzi interacts with the player-character in the same way regardless of their gender, including seducing the player-character. This aligns with playersexuality more than plurisexuality.