Union series

  • Developer: Sting Entertainment
  • Publisher: Sting Entertainment Atlus 505 Games
  • Year: 2006 – 2011
  • Genre: Strategy RPG
  • Platform/s: Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable

Yggdra Union—and related games Blaze Union and Gloria Union—feature a number of queer characters. In Yggdra Union, Zilva and Elena have a potentially romantic relationship, while in Blaze Union, themes of gender are explored through the character Eater. Eater has two personas—a female persona who appears during the day, and a male persona who appears during the night. Dialogue discusses gender roles and how the character feels within each body.

Eater also makes a guest appearance in Gloria Union, while this game also features the character Kyra, who wears feminine clothing but whose voice is masculine, and who is considered gender ambiguous.

Garlot is another potentially queer character who appears in both Yggdra Union and Blaze Union—the main antagonist in the former and protagonist in the latter. It is implied in one storyline that he had a relationship that may have been romantic with Nessiah, while in another storyline that he has a relationship with Siskeir.