Kitty Powers Matchmaker

A screen showing the game's logo and a drag queen's face. A dialogue bubble says 'Same sex marriage is legal in this game. How refreshing!' Text below says 'Triangulating love optimizations'.
Like the great Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly, sometimes you’ve just gotta be the one to help the people around you find true love. Only, in this case, sometimes it’s way gayer, and your clients are bonding over things like their love of “the interwebs” and “vampire romance novels”. Which is, y’know, just how Dolly would have wanted it, I’m sure.

The premise is pretty simple – clients come to you looking for help finding a match, and either you can send them on a date with someone they’ll bond with (whether that be because they share interests, or they like an aspect of the other’s appearance, or some other arbitrary thing like ‘a connection based on compatibility of deeply held moral beliefs’ or whatever) or you can tank the date for fun. If you, like me, are determined to make everyone happy, you’ll need to memorise some traits and guide your client and their date through a potentially awkward night. Maybe don’t play this game if short term memory isn’t your strong point – you might find it a little frustrating. But otherwise, there are some fun little maths-related and spot the difference style puzzles in there to keep you entertained, plus there’s constant commentary from drag queen Kitty Powers which is fabulous and fun.

You should play this if…

You’ve always wondered what it would be like to be Dolly, and you’re finally ready to have your chance. Just kidding, nobody will every be as great as Dolly, but this game gives you the ability to try. It’s good, casual (if often crude) fun that allows you to match same and opposite-gender couples, with each client having their own preferences to cater to. Hooray, explicitly bisexual NPCs!