Latte Gay

A blonde girl looks to camera. A dialogue box below shows that her name is 'Marllie' and she is saying 'Sorry I'm late! You know how traffic is at this time of the week.'.
Apparently, this was a good Yuri Jam for slick visual novels about lesbian baristas finding love. But hey, who’s complaining? Not me, I’m just here in my feelings ball.

Latte Gay is far less dramatic than last QGJ entry’s Scrambled. It’s one of those classic tales – girl likes girl, they become friends and start hanging out all the time, both are hella gay and clearly in love, and yet continue insisting they aren’t to the frustration of all around them, including those on both sides of the fourth wall. Y’know, the classic slowburn. But it does have a cute cast of queer background characters, a believable relationship that develops naturally, and lots of talk of coffee, which just made me want to chain-drink coffees for the whole duration. It’s just a generally lovely story about oblivious lesbians, perfect for those who want something cute and wholesome.

You should play this if…

You want something cute and wholesome. Oh no, I’ve started mixing my sections. Anyway, Latte Gay is lovely and queer and, honestly, made me want to drink so much coffee. Maybe don’t play it if you’re trying to quit drinking coffee – otherwise, give it a go.