A trading card-style border shows a picture of a maze with a demon inside it. The card's title is 'Jess'. The card's text reads 'Loved to be a vampire bat, flying through the dungeon, showing off their phantom blade. Beat the final boss and became the new void keeper!' Under the text is a rainbow heart with the word 'pride' beside it.
If possessing the corpse of that bat you just beat to death is something you’ve always wished you could do, then this is the game for you.

Here, possession is the name of the game. Well, no, MidBoss is, but… you get it. The point of the whole thing is to take on the form of the non-binary protagonist (yay, so rare!) and descend through levels of a dungeon, possessing and mastering the forms of your enemies as you go. Spend enough time as a ghost, for example, and you’ll be able to use that ghost’s abilities, even when you’re in the form of a warlock, or an aether bat. It’s a pretty cool system. There’s also a side goal that involves freeing ‘cratefish’ from crates around the dungeon, and while it makes little to no sense, I found myself becoming a crusader for the cratefish cause. Free the Cratefish 2k18.

You should play this if…

You want to try out a dungeon crawler/strategy game with a non-binary protagonist – which is a cool thing to be able to say exists. Playing on the easiest difficulty made the game pretty forgiving too, so if you’re like me and these games don’t come naturally to you, then you can be assured that you’re never going to lose progress – every respawn brings you closer to your goal. If more games included features like that, I’d ragequit far less often.