Mission: It's Complicated

We’ve all shipped a character or two in our lives. You have – don’t lie. Everyone knows what it’s like to want to take characters (or your friends) and smush them together and yell “JUST LOVE EACH OTHER”. We all know what that’s like… right?

This game gives you the ability to do that. In fact, not only are you able, it’s the point. No, not just the point. It’s essential, to save the world. You play as ‘Professor L’, whose personality you can choose to reveal in bits and pieces throughout the game, and who studies superheroes for a living. One day, Prof L is asked to put together the ultimate superhero team to save the world, with a twist – they’re gonna do it with love. A stone powered by superhero love is what will save the world. Genius. You’re in charge of sending your team out on missions, during which time they bond, then go on dates, and then eventually hopefully come through with the world-saving. It’s hilarious, it’s wholesome, and it’s queer af. There are characters of various genders, light-hearted but respectful discussion of those genders, characters with nuanced sexualities that are explored – and better yet, the world-saving love doesn’t need to be romantic. Some pairings that you try to orchestrate will just end in the two being best pals, and that love is just as strong.

You should play this if…

You’ve ever wanted a game to reward you for doing literally nothing but encouraging love between characters. This game is short, but I cannot recommend it enough if you like quirky, sort-of-visual-novels/dating sims with relatable characters and a fun mix of possible pairings. Plus, it’s free! So you lose nothing by trying it out.