Scrambled: Syd City

Two feminine figures looking at each other, one with long hair, one short. A dialogue box says 'stop being such a useless lesbian, Syd. You can do this. It's just one date...ish.
The world always needs more lesbian superheroes, so when I heard there was a new one around, I got excited. And no, I’m not talking about Ruby Rose as Batwoman. That’s a whole other thing.

I mean Syd – or Scrambled, depending on what you catch her doing. Scrambled: Syd City is about a lesbian superhero/coffee shop employee who just wants to make a name for herself in the crime-fighting world. But, as she puts it, she’s on the ‘c-list’. One night, in trying to get her big break and pursue her crime-fighting dreams, she comes face to face with two superheroes, and then the real fun starts. Both try to get away, but you make the choice to pursue one of them – in more ways than one. Obviously, I say that because they’re both babes, and if everything goes right, you and one of those babes will fall in love, and it’s beautiful. You have two options – the veteran gadget-genius with a secret soft side (who Syd calls a ‘mommy’ just… so much), or the elusive magician-like bombshell with a hidden heart of gold (who is a jerk, and yet I’m now a little lovestruck). Both routes are separate yet intertwined, and the dialogue for each is genuinely funny, clever, and heartfelt – and contains serious superhero goofiness that is so often lacking in these gritty reboots.*

You should play this if…

You like lesbians and superheroes and wish there were both things that combined those two descriptors. Or if you just want a clever, short-ish visual novel to engage with. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you get the bad endings, obviously, but… in that case you should just play it again, so my statement still stands.

* Not the DC TV universe, obviously. They've got the goofiness down pat (in the best way).