Mainstream Support for Mardi Gras 2019

Two men with their mouths open and smiling, dressed as sailors carrying pride flags.

In a world where the landscape is still pretty bleak in terms of representation and support in games themselves, especially AAA titles, it can be easy to feel like the things we love don’t really love us back. That’s why, when support came from a major company in a very visible and very tangible way, in the form of a sponsored float at one of the biggest events for the queer community in Australia… it came as a welcome surprise.

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We Can Do Better: Ableist Language in Games

Scrabble tiles spelling out 'Choose your words' in a crossword formation.

The words in your games, in your promo materials, in your public speeches and panels. Are they just conveying what you intend to convey, or are they also conveying some unintended hurtful messages about disabled folks and people living with mental illness?

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Accessible Games, Accessible Engines: Learning from Visual Novels, Interactive Narratives, and Roleplaying Games

Colourful dice and a character sheet.

Steam is one of the most well known games marketplaces out there, but it’s also notoriously difficult (and expensive) to host your own independently made games, particularly tiny games that might not turn a profit. As an alternative, other hosting services—like itchio—allow independent developers to make experimental games about their own lived experiences accessible to a wider audience, and potentially make some money.

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Where can queer games thrive?

The itch io store home page. Different games are featured.

In the game world, platform is everything: it’s how you’re seen, the marketing you have at your disposal, the kind of income you can expect from your creations. So what happens when the biggest platforms refuse to acknowledge your existence? You find somewhere that will!

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That Boy Is A Monstr: Reception and Representation

Start screen of 'That Boy Is A Monstr' game.

Two Novembers ago, I released a game called ‘That Boy is A Monstr’, a text-based game about the perils and confusions that come from dating while being a queer trans man.

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