Jess' Queer Games Journey

The Witcher 3

Two feminine figures can be seen, mostly naked but covered. One with silver hair looks to the camera. A dialogue subtitle says 'Oops, well now the milk's spilt... do you fancy Skjall?.' The silver haired woman has three dialogue options, 'He's not half bad,', 'he seems nice' or 'to tell the truth, I prefer women.'

I was ready to accept that I wasn’t going to agree with the hype for this game. It was going to be one of those things that everyone loved that I’d just missed, and I was fine with that. Then I played it, and… wow, I was wrong.

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Escape From Pleasure Planet

Two half naked masculine figures are passionately kissing on a beach.

So, this is the sequel to My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant. You know how I said that was exceptionally gay? Well, this is somehow gayer. There’s a villain with a rainbow mohawk, now.

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My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant

A topless masculine figure stands in the background. A pop up dialogue box shows his face close up. He is saying 'Help yourself to a pamphlet. My pamphlets used to bring all the boys to the yard, but that was before the invasion.'

So, while I’m a big advocate for the subtle, incidental representation, there are times when you really just need a game to show up, rainbows blazing, ready to dish out some representation and eye candy.

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Sakura Fantasy

Two feminine figures in bikinis, one with green hair and one with pink hair, are kissing and holding hands.

I don’t understand what is so sexy about women wearing clearly impractical armour. Wouldn’t it be sexier to know that they were properly protected from the harsh climate and/or any incoming pointed weapons? No? Is that just me? Because it’s starting to feel like it’s just me.

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A trading card-style border shows a picture of a maze with a demon inside it. The card's title is 'Jess'. The card's text reads 'Loved to be a vampire bat, flying through the dungeon, showing off their phantom blade. Beat the final boss and became the new void keeper!' Under the text is a rainbow heart with the word 'pride' beside it.

If possessing the corpse of that bat you just beat to death is something you’ve always wished you could do, then this is the game for you.

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