Jess' Queer Games Journey


Two femme looking people holding a skeleton. Game title screen.

Have you ever been in a car and thought ‘gosh, I just wish I felt more nauseous on this trip’? Because if you have, Roundabout has a suggestion for you. Just drive in continuous circles, even when all the other cars are going straight – it’ll be safe, I promise.

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

A masc looking person scratching their chin. Dialogue reads 'Ah, I see. So she was actually a he. Interesting. Thank you for confirming this fact.'.

Imagine you’re back (or still) in high school. Painful, right? You know what would make it more painful? Literal murder.

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Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt

A figure stands in a forest by a lake, with a chest and several barrels nearby.

What if you could help people by attacking the source of their pain until it died? I’m sure there’s some terrible life advice there that should by no means be followed, but this is the world of Princess Remedy. A world of hurt. Only… not if she can help it.

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Void and Meddler

A gender ambiguous person next to dialogue reading 'Maybe ey's transgender, I dunno'. Group of people gathered in an oddly lit space.

Playing this game was like watching an ‘artsy’ film that you know you’re supposed to appreciate, but can’t quite figure out why. Void and Meddler is a point-and-click adventure that is clearly going for an edgy cyberpunk vibe and is, I’m pretty sure, trying to make a comment on… something.

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Take the Dream IX

Two femme people kissing.

I just… I came here to play a nice story about a brave lesbian rescuing her girlfriend, and instead I’ve come out the other side feeling confused and mildly terrified.

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