Board of Affiliates

Represent Me's 'Board of Affiliates' is a group of individual contributors and representatives of organisations who are officially associated with Represent Me.

Meredith Hall | Accessibility Unlocked

Accessibility Unlocked is a group focused on providing support for those with disabilities in game development in Australia and New Zealand.

Meredith is the cofounder of Accessibility Unlocked, Communications Director & Lead Producer on HoloVista and a frequent public speaker and advocate. She was named one of 50 under 50 in InGames 2019 Gender Equality in Games list, and was named Rising Star at the 2020 Australian Game Developer Awards.

Steven Taarland | Rainbow Game Jam

Rainbow Game Jam encourages users to create games exploring and celebrating identity, gender, sexuality, life, and love! Games are for everyone, and anyone can create games!

Steven is a British Producer and is a staunch advocate for Diversity in games. He has ran an award winning international game jam centred around the LGBT+ community and promoting diversity in the games industry.