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Rainbow Game Jam

We have partnered with Steven Taarland and Kirsty Fraser to run and promote Rainbow Game Jam. This jam runs for two weeks each year and is designed to promote diversity! We judged the jam in 2016, worked with them directly in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. We expanded our partnership to include the Queer in Games initiative in 2021.

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Represent Me published articles written by diverse authors on the InGames website.

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Game As You Are

The Represent Me team wrote weekly articles for the Trade Media line of websites as part of their Game As You Are initiative.

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QueerTech.io exhibition

Our Twitter feed was featured as part of the IRL+URL exhibition, QueerTech.io in 2018. This exhibition was displayed from January until March 2018 at several locations, including The Testing Grounds, ACMI, and RMIT. The online feed is available here.


Are you an emerging developer, game design student, or solo dev who would love to chat with an industry mentor? Are you in need of headshots for your work, but unable to afford it? Do you have a portfolio or resume, but you have no idea whether it would get you work in the industry? Come along to the Emerging Developer Room to meet some of our local experienced game developers, receive answers to your questions, and grab a headshot for your social media and future speaking engagements all in one place! Mentor session 1: 11am - 1pm Mentor session 2: 3pm - 5pm Headshots available: 1pm - 5pm What to bring: Your resume, CV, portfolio, game design documents, or anything you'd like to chat with these mentors about. Your pre-prepared questions, so you can make sure you're getting exactly the information you're looking for. No registration required!

Emerging Developer Room (at GO423: Game On)

We hosted a room for emerging developers at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the Game On 2019 event. This room held mentors for developers to chat with, places to get feedback on their resume or portfolio, and free headshot services. Find out more about the Emerging Developer Room or GO423: Game On on the Brisbane IGDA website.

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MELT Gayming

Represent Me has partnered with the Brisbane Powerhouse to bring a Gayming event to the annual MELT pride festival. More information about 2019's event is available here.
Working with Represent Me on Gayming: A Queer Gaming Experience was an absolute delight. Represent Me were passionate and driven from the first meeting right through to the delivery of the event. I had complete confidence in their ability to curate a balanced program with representatives from the community and ensure help in promoting the event to our target market. Through Represent Me's highly connected network they were able to present a fantastic showcase of local and interstate talent for the event and her extensive pre-planning made for an extremely smooth delivery. I look forward to working with Represent Me in the future!

Bri Zammit, Producer, Brisbane Powerhouse

Several wrapped presents in a box that says lucky dip.

Not-for-profit launch

On 1 July 2018, we hosted a launch party at Bar SK in Collingwood, Victoria to celebrate officially becoming a not-for-profit organisation. The event included baked goods, lucky dips, and tea, as well as a selection of queer games and other opportunities for people to donate to our charity. The event was organised with the help of Maize Wallin and Louie Roots.

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Queerly Representing the Underrepresented

In early May 2018, we held a game jam focused on underrepresented characters and genres within queer games. The jam was based on itch.io and welcomed anyone to participate.

Vote yeSK exhibition

Vote Yes K logo. Text reading 'A week of celebration and support curated by Queerly Represent Me. Triad by Anna Anthropy. The Longest Couch by Sean Wejebe. Memoraie by Brian Beacom. The Trans Zone by Glamow. Time by Katie Worton.' We were involved in curating an exhibition in collaboration with Bar SK, in support of a Melbourne Gaymers meet-up. The exhibition was on from 14th Sept – 20th Sept 2017. Check out the Facebook event for more information.


Booth with stickers and rainbow lanyards on a purple tablecloth.

Indigicon Australia

Alayna Cole (managing director) and Dakoda Barker (director) supported the first Indigicon Australia in 2019 with sponsored tickets and a table in the booth space.

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PAX Diversity Lounge

We have had a booth in the PAX Diversity Lounge for PAX Australia 2018 and 2019.

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DDD Melbourne

Charlie Francis Cassidy represented Represent Me at a booth at DDD Melbourne 2019.

Femme looking person standing at a booth that says IGDA LGBTQ+ SIG.

Microsoft 'Gaming for Everyone' Community Nexus

Our managing director (Alayna Cole) and one of our team (Jess Gates) attended the Gaming for Everyone community nexus on behalf of the IGDA LGBTQ+ SIG and Represent Me at GDC 2019.

Femme looking person standing in front of a market stall at dusk.

Freeplay x Hovergarden Night Market

Alayna Cole and Jess Zammit launched our new merchandise at the Freeplay x Hovergarden night market in May, 2018.

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Sunshine Coast Pride Network

Our founding director, Alayna Cole, is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, as are several of our staff. As such, as try to be involved in local pride events via the Sunshine Coast Pride Network. We attended the Sunshine Coast Pride Festival on April 28, 2018.


PAX Australia

The Represent Me team has been featured on several PAX Australia panels, including discussions of queer representation in games, Indigenous representation in games, mental health, and accessibility.


Represent Me has spoken at Freeplay 2018 and 2019 on topics such as queer representaion in games, and running a not-for-profit in the games industry.

DiGRA Australia and DiGRA International

The Represent Me team has presented at DiGRAA 2018 and 2019, and DIGRA 2018 on topics such as character creation, statistics of representation in games between 2013-2015, and creating a universal language for diversity and representation.


Alayna ran a roundtable at GDC 2019 on behalf of the IGDA LGBTQ+ SIG and Represent Me.


Alayna spoke at GCAP 2018 about accessibility in games, including accessibility based on disability, mental health, gender, age, race, body shape, and more.


Alayna spoke at AlterConf on behalf of QRM on the topics of playersexuality and plurisexuality.