Code of Conduct

Represent Me and the spaces we manage are designed to be safe and inclusive. This includes the IGDA LGBTQ+ special interest group and our associated social media and events.

By joining our community, attending our events, or participating in our social media platforms, you agree to:

  • Be committed to the safety and inclusivity of the Represent Me community and other participants, members, etc.
  • Have zero tolerance for abuse, harassment, and discrimination.
  • Respect the boundaries and identities of others.
  • Encourage and participate in diversity and respect.
  • Refuse to use or accept oppressive and offensive language, including but not limited to homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and other discrimination against people of diverse sexualities and genders, as well as racism, ableism, classism, and any prejudice against those who are non-normative or marginalised.
  • Avoid using gendered language to refer to a group, like ‘guys’. Alternatives to ‘Hey guys!’ include ‘Hey people’, ‘Hey folks’, ‘Hey team’, ‘Hey everyone’, or just ‘Hey’.
  • Stand with and support asexual, aromantic, and nonbinary people, and anyone who is commonly excluded by the identity politics that occurs within the queer community.
  • Approach our support of the queer community in an intersectional way that helps any and all marginalised people in any ways that we can.
  • Condemn threatening and unsafe behaviour, the publishing of private information online, and the posting of potential triggers without appropriate trigger warnings.

If you are called out for saying something potentially offensive, oppressive, or triggering, you agree to:

  • Listen.
  • Believe what somebody is trying to tell you.
  • Apologise for your behaviour.
  • Ask for advice or help to avoid making the offense in future.
  • Be willing to do your own research to avoid the harmed individual needing to educate you.

Failing to adhere to these community guidelines will have the following consequences:

  • A user who commits one offence will receive a warning and may be temporarily suspended from the community, social media platform, or event in which the offence occurred.
  • A user who commits multiple offences, or whom the community believes is not acting in good faith, may be permanently removed from one or all of our social media platforms and events.
  • If relevant, those who have committed an offence will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Our admins, moderators and grievance officers act as unbiased mediators, who work to ensure the code of conduct is being followed. If you have any concerns, please contact an admin, moderator, or grievance officer, as indicated in the individual group or event you belong to or are attending.

If you witness an event, please don’t be a bystander—help us to help our community by coming forward and letting us know what has happened.